The Merchantates -TLI –

Current Location:
Sector: Bright Jewel
System: Bright Jewel (-5, 185)
Planet Orbit: Gasteroid (7, 11)
Colossal-Class Carrier, Open-to-all
See the vendor list at:


The roving Ithorian merchant ships, called the Merchantates, were large vessels that would host incredible bazaars across the galaxy. There, you could find all manner of exotic goods from faraway worlds. Some had a set schedule, while others would just appear in a system and suddenly set up shop for a while before moving on.

The Legacy of Ithor delighted to bring this piece of Ithorian culture back to the galaxy. We’re inviting vendors from all over to set up shop on our customized colossal-class carrier. This platform will be open-to-all, and include merchants, custom npcs and droids, and immersive art and flavor. You can get a quote for a custom map; purchase droids, weapons, and vehicles; acquire rare custom artwork and items; chat with a force counselor; see exotic plants from Ithor; have a drink at the 10-forward; and much more!

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You’re welcome to board through the main entrance/exit, or to dock a small ship in the docking bay. You may wish to bring 1 or 2 NPCs or an anti-grav sled for your purchases! We will announce closing time to any passengers onboard a day or two before we close and head to the next location. We want to make sure you have plenty of time to disembark – unless you just want to stick around and see the galaxy with us!

Vendor List and Maps:


I left something onboard – how do I find it?

Any items left after your visit will be moved to the Lost-and-Found room on 8,1. Feel free to pick them up there. If you leave something behind for more than 30 days, it will be considered fair game and someone else might pick it up. The Legacy of Ithor is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you’re concerned something might happen to an item while you’re on your way back to get it, contact us and we may be able to move it to a secure room in the ship until you arrive.

Where are you going next?

It’s a surprise! We usually do a GNS post announcing our next location, and we update this page when we have new coordinates. It’s typical for us to stay somewhere for 1-2 months, and we try to show up at big events like the Tatoo and Nimban swap meets, big races, etc.

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