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Zoo Stations are a critical part of every civilized system. What better way to display your creature collection, increase tourism, and hatch your hard-earned eggs, all the while contributing to the education of younglings? If you’re looking to make your system one of the greats, a zoo station is a must-have. For a small fee, the non-profit faction The Legacy of Ithor will bring this bastion of culture and science to you! Contact us, and we’ll send one of our expert Jungle Priests to get the work started pronto! But that’s not all! In addition to a quality build, belonging to the Galactic Parks Network means: – Your facility will be placed on a public list, drawing the attention of tourists, egg hatchers, and hunters alike – We’ll provide your station with its own unique, custom Stamp for visitors to add to their Galactic Parks Network Passport. Completionists will add your Zoo to their “to visit” list! – We provide NPCs, such as merchants, creature adoption specialists, and uniquely-scripted Tour Guides and Ithorian Jungle Priests to make your facility an immersive experience. – Galactic Parks Network members will have an exclusive window to obtain new thematic custom items, such as plants for your Botanical Gardens, animals beyond the Creature List, and more!
  • You can order a Zoo Station build on TFM for 17M (Waitlist is currently 2-3 weeks)
  • Want us to bless your existing zoo? You can join the network without having to build anything. Pay your membership dues on TFM (3M/year)
  • Click here to read the Galactic Parks Network Terms and Conditions.

Once you’ve paid your application fee (or submitted your build request), fill out the application below:

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