We are a up-and-coming Information Faction of dedicated to Exploration and Conservation. We provide the following services:
  • Hyperlane exploration and lane completion.
  • Construction for info-faction facilities and stations (such as Zoo Stations, Wildlife Preserves, and Museums).
  • We run the Galactic Parks Network, bringing tourism, industry, and immersive custom-scripted NPCs to your zoo stations and parks.
  • Our roving bazaar, the Merchantates, brings exotic goods from across the galaxy to your system!
Sounds like fun? Join our team
The Legacy of Ithor is about conservation and preservation of nature, and building harmonious relationships with sentients and non-sentients alike. We welcome those of all races who believe in these values. But what is Ithor’s Legacy?We’re glad you asked. The Legacy itself is a deep part of Ithorian culture, and centers around the Ithorian history of nature conservation and preservation. The jungle planet of Ithor is home to a beautifully diverse set of flora and fauna. Ithorians have always felt a sacred calling to protect and preserve nature, going so far as to live in Herdships above their home planet, only touching down to provide care to the plants and animals, and planting two seeds for every harvested plant. Our part in The Legacy centers around constructing and managing zoos and zoo stations across the galaxy, re-establishing the Merchantates roving merchant fleet, and spreading the teachings of the Mother Jungle through our Oracle.
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