Hyperlane Exploration Services

Currently taking waitlist applications!

Is that 0.01% hyperlane slowing you down? The Legacy of Ithor has you covered. Just let us know what systems you want improved, and we’ll work up a quote for you. Perfect for attracting customers to your new trade station, speeding up supply lines, and bolstering defensive maneuverability.

Our prices are based on how many datablocks are needed to bring the lane in question up to a 40% speed boost, as well as if there are accessible R&D stations at the two systems we’re linking. As hyperlanes can only be built to a maximum of 200 Galactic Units in length, if the systems you wish to connect are farther away than that, we may need to have one or more waypoints prospected. Some clients wish to establish a trade route that links up to 8 systems in a row.

Our team is composed of skilled and dedicated sentients who wish to see the galaxy brought closer together. Equipped with state-of-the-art ships, tools, and knowledge, we are equipped to tackle even the most demanding of prospecting jobs.

After you read the Hyperlane Prospecting Terms and Conditions, please fill out the Request for Quote form here:

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