About Us

The Legacy of Ithor

Type: Information
Founded On: Year 23 Day 212
Leader: Wynk Waawat
Second In Command: Shiv Monite
Chat: Discord Invite


The Legacy of Ithor is a information faction whose mission is to conserve and preserve nature. Though founded by Ithorians, and carrying on the traditions and values of Herd Life, we are a diverse group of sentients from many walks of life, brought together by our belief that the galaxy is bigger than us, but that we can still make it a better place. We invite you to visit our discord, where you can learn more about our services. We have three main branches, all of which are open for new clients and recruits.

  • Our Jungle Priests help bring our legacy and values to to forefront by rescuing wildlife, constructing zoos, and establishing nature preserves across the galaxy. They operate the Galactic Parks Network, promoting tourism, animal adoption, and responsible hunting. Join today to receive your ordination as a Jungle Priest Novitiate; we’ll also help outfit your squad with Game Wardens, and provide training and equipment for your work. We pay per project for construction and for each egg you bring safely to a certified zoo.
  • The ExplorCorp provides hyperlane exploration services, helping to make inter-system travel faster and safer, bringing our galaxy closer together. Clients are welcome to request a hyperlane construction quote here. Recruits put their talents in piloting and engine research to work mapping hyperlanes for our clients across the galaxy. A low-maintainence job, this is an excellent way to gain experience for both go-getters and more casual beings alike. We provide training, ships, remotes, droids and other amenities to make your job as pleasant and profitable as possible. We pay for every data block you collect on our exploration routes.
  • The Merchantates draws on the long tradition of traveling Ithorian merchants, trading exotic goods from around the galaxy. Our Merchantates keep our other branches stocked and supplied, ensure the Galactic Parks Network is well supplied with creatures and hunting goods, and provides custom art and NPCs to our network members.

If you are looking for a welcoming, supportive, and active faction to join, we would love to have you! Click here to apply!

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