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The Legacy of Ithor* is a information faction whose mission is to conserve and preserve nature. Though founded by Ithorians, and carrying on the traditions and values of Herd Life, we are a diverse group of sentients from many walks of life, brought together by our belief that the galaxy is bigger than us, but that we can still make it a better place. We have three main branches, all of which are open for new clients and recruits.
  • The ExplorCorp: These are our dedicated Hyperspace Prospectors. If you have skills in Piloting an/dor R&D Engines this is the place for you. We’ll gladly provide you with a ship and tools to make your travels productive. This is a great place for both casual and active sentients alike to gain XP and credits with relatively little effort.
  • Jungle Priests: Once restricted to a certain caste of ithorians, we believe that all sentients can have a meaningful connection to nature, and help others to do the same. If you like sustainable hunting, construction zoos, or want to help maintain the __Galactic Parks Network__ (with its dozens of member zoos, zoo stations, and wildlife preserves across the galaxy), this is the place for you.
  • Merchantates: Historically, these space-faring merchants traded unique goods from all around the galaxy, enriching customer’s lives with both sales and stories. They played an important role in helping to spread ithorian culture and values around the worlds. Today, our Merchantates is a Colossal-class Carrier and mobile shopping mall hosting some of the best vendors in the galaxy. Onboard you can find ships, droids, tools, arms and armor, custom artwork and more. There’s also a petting zoo, a critically acclaimed cocktail bar and lounge, and an interfaith chapel where you can converse with fascinating chaplains.

You can send in your application below, and follow up with your faction join request on SWC. Any questions? Ping Wynk Waawat on Discord.

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