Bringing the galaxy closer together, one zoo station at a time!

A symbol appears on the vid screen, one you’ve never seen before; an eye-catching blue and green lotus with splashes of yellow. As the image fades away, it’s replaced with a resolute, yet kind looking male Ithorian adorned in a simple green, gold and white tunic. He bows to the camera, then begins to speak, his dual mouths projecting a deep a melodic voice.

“Greetings, fellow sentient beings; I am Wynk Waawat. Today, it is with great pride that I announce the herd we’ve been building: The Legacy of Ithor! While we are inspired by and modeled after the organization and environmental protections of my home planet, all races, especially those individuals with a love of nature and peaceful co-existence, are welcome here. Though founded by Itorians, we have members of many species among our ranks, each bringing something unique to the table.

Whether it be the harmonious bio-engineering grown into vehicles and cities by the Gungans, the methodical application of technology used by the Duros to restore their industry ravaged homeworld, or the ingenious repurposing of discarded scrap by the Jawas, we all share one common goal: to survive while conserving and preserving our natural habitats. Though our methods may differ, we operate as one herd. Our differences are a celebration of the galaxy’s natural diversity and present endless opportunities for us to learn from each other.

The Legacy of Ithor is a symbiotic relationship with nature. On Ithor, we live on our floating herdships, and most individuals never even touch the surface of the planet throughout their entire lives. Only those called by the Mother Jungle to serve as priests and tend to the Bafforr Forests walk among trees. Many of them are considered renegades, forbidden from ever returning to their herdship. Through the combination of strict preservation protocols and technology, we’ve protected the natural balance and beauty of our homeworld.

But the Legacy is about more than just one planet, and not every planet is so lucky. There are countless vulnerable Creatures out there dying to habit destruction and poaching on levels we’ve never seen before. Our Jungle Priests are going out into the galaxy with the mission of conserving it’s bio-diversity. They’re collecting specimens of every kind known to exist, following the “Law of Life” and transporting them to zoos, wildlife preserves, and zoo stations all across the galaxy.

To fund and aid in this mission, our ExplorCorp is mapping the hyperlanes. By building bridges between our neighbors, we can promote the sharing of ideas and trade, and bring us all closer together. Our Herd is a diverse group of sentients from many walks of life, brought together by our belief that the galaxy is bigger than any us, but that each of us can still make it a better place. May the Mother Jungle smile upon you, and keep you safe in your journeys!”


As the image of Wynk Waawat fades away, one depicting Ithor’s pristine majestic jungles takes his place, hovering tantalizingly for a few moments before the screen fades to black.

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